How do I enter a claim for Marriage Allowance Transfer (MAT)?

To enter the Marriage Allowance Transfer claim you will first need to amend your Personal Details to include your Spouse/Civil Partner details.

You will also have to answer to some questions on the almost there page. You will sent to the 'Almost there' page when you go through the 'validate my tax return' process.

The response to the question results in HMRC adjusting the filed self-assessment return to reflect the transfer claim.

No change in the calculation of tax on your return is visible other than the response itself. When you return has been received by HMRC they will then validate the claim and adjust your tax calculation accordingly.

Please note: You must first make a claim via the HMRC website at





  • Click on YES to proceed 




  • Select YES/NO if you earn more than your Partner



  • Tick the statement that applies



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