How do I create a partnership full ?

If your business turnover is over £83000 during 2016-17 or £85000 for the tax year 2017-18, you will have to complete the Partnership Full Statement. 

The Partnership full will require more detail than the partnership short Tax Return e.g. If the annual turnover (excluding any balancing charges) is below £83,000 for a full year, you may fill in boxes 3.24 to 3.26 (i.e. the total income, expenses and net profit/loss) on page 3 of the Partnership Tax Return instead of boxes 3.27 to 3.73 (detailed expenses list) on page 4 (except if you are within the Managing Serious Defaulters (MSD) programme). 


To create the Partnership Full on SimpleTax


Click on EDIT  next to the SA800 Heading



Answer YES to the question about completing a Partnership full Statement


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