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You’re a self-employed professional who needs specific work boots to carry out their trade, but what you’re struggling to work out is whether you can claim for these work boots as a business expense on your taxes.

Don’t worry, with SimpleTax’s easy to follow tools, helping you save on your tax return, it couldn't be easier to understand.

Can I claim?

Yes, but only in very specific cases.


As a general rule, it’s not possible to claim for clothing you may wear for work, though as with every rule, there are exceptions, and this is one of them.

If your boots are specifically required for part of your job, and can’t be worn for any other purpose, then yes, you can go ahead and claim tax relief for these.

On SimpleTax

When you login to your SimpleTax platform, you can quickly and simply add expenses for your work boots by first creating a category for ‘Computer and Office equipment’ (if you haven’t done so already), and then selecting ‘Other Equipment.


More Information

Perhaps you’re a builder who requires sturdy, protective boots when working on site, a professional entertainer who requires a certain kind of shoe to deliver your work, a baker, a personal trainer or a freelancer in any other profession where specialist footwear is required. Providing that footwear is essential, and only used for your work, we can help you claim with our free online tax return service.

For example, a nice new pair of shoes that you may want to wear for meetings but could just as easily be used for day-to-day wear, can not be claimed for.

The same rule for footwear applies to claiming for other work clothing on your taxes. You couldn’t claim for a shiny new suit that could be worn for any occasion, but you can claim for protective overalls or other attire that are used entirely for your job. 

We have more information about claiming work uniform expenses on your taxes over in our Knowledge Base.



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