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Advertising and marketing costs are a necessity for every business and HMRC allows individuals to claim full tax relief on any costs associated with it. This means that tax relief is also available on Twitter ads, because social media and online advertisements are not excluded.

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All advertising fees can be entered on your Self-Employed expenses group, under the "Advertising" category.


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Twitter is renowned for distributing gossip and celebrity chatter around the world and is a type of social media that has a huge reach, despite the fact it has a limit of just 140 characters. But did you realise it is also a very powerful marketing tool which has the ability to promote your business? 

Although Twitter is free to use there are some additional tools which improve the experience and make it particularly suitable for business users. And as well as increasing the reach of your business, it also has an excellent analytics tool so you can see a detailed breakdown of who is interested.

All of this can improve your understanding of the market as well as reaching out to clients, helping them to see what's relevant and also highlighting your key services.

Twitter is free to use if you only want to access the basics but if you want this range of tools, you can expect to pay for the privilege. Promoted Tweets, trends and analytics all come at a price even though Twitter promises not to charge you unless someone shows an interest.

This premium service has a cost attached but businesses that opt to use this tool can use their tax relief to offset the premium. HMRC allows all advertising and marketing costs to be included for tax relief purposes. There is no proportion or limit imposed so the full costs can be utilised to maximise the relief available.



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