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Tax relief is available on business space which means that both the rooms you rent as well as the building you occupy could be included for tax relief purposes. However, like many other types of tax relief, only the actual costs which are for business-related purposes may be incorporated into any claim.

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As a business you can claim your core expenditure and costs for tax relief purposes and this includes what you pay for your premises. If you rent a building specifically for business use, this cost can be included in your tax relief. 

The same principle applies to smaller business spaces too; you may not rent an entire building if you are a sole trader. Leasing a space such as a desk, or a cubicle within a larger commercial building is also an eligible cost as it is wholly and exclusively being used for business purposes. This is always the key test for checking whether tax relief will be available.

This doesn't mean that items which serve a dual purpose are automatically excluded from tax relief purposes, but calculating their value can be much more complex. If an obvious split between commercial and private use cannot be made, HMRC will not permit tax relief to apply. 

Therefore, if you use your home address for the purposes of business, you will need to be able to stipulate exactly what hours it is used as a place of trade and when it is being used as a non-commercial enterprise. This will allow you to calculate the relevant proportion and apply this to the costs. 

All of the costs associated with the lease of business premises, whether that is your home address or another venue can be used for tax relief, allowing you to maximise what you offset against your liability.



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