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As a self-employed person using your car/van for your work, you can claim maintenance against your income tax. Private use must be ignored but you can include all VAT charges if your business is VAT registered.

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Capital usage: Self-Employed - Expenses - Car and Other Vehicles - Repairs (and/or) Servicing


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As an example, if your vehicle maintenance costs p.a. is £400 – if this is totally used for the business, claim the whole sum.  If usage is a mix of business/personal then the percentage needs to be worked out.  We have provided a simple chart which gives you the percentage to use based upon your business mileage:

Total Year

10.000 miles


£400 (total expenditure)

Business miles

6000 miles

60 %

£240  (business expenditure)

Personal miles

4000 miles

40 %

not allowed


Let us save you the hassle of working on these time-consuming calculations!  By using SimpleTax just provide us with the total figure, personal use % and we will do the rest.   If your business mileage is high then we may advise you to go for the standard mileage rates rather than the capital expenditure option (expenses inc. fuel/servicing).

You will need to record all of your business miles so that you know how to calculate the percentages for private usage at the end of the financial year.  Provided you do this, then you will not need to record your running or repair costs.

Note:  If you have used flat rates for a vehicle (mileage allowance), you must continue for as long as you use that vehicle for the business. The same, if you have already claimed capital allowances for a vehicle, you cannot use the mileage rate for it.

Mileage Allowance on SimpleTax

SimpleTax will allow you to enter your mileage allowance amount at:

Self-Employed - Expenses - Car and Other Vehicles - Other vehicle-related expenses




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