Uber Partners - Can I claim Uber fees on my self assessment tax return?

Uber is a great service connecting taxi drivers in London, Manchester and beyond, with customers needing a ride. For the latter, the service is completely free to use, but as a taxi driver yourself, you’ve found that the fees and commissions involved soon add up, and you want to know how you can claim your Uber fees on your tax return. 

The good news is that it’s quick and easy to do with SimpleTax. Using our free tools and guides, understanding what as an Uber Partner you can declare on your next self-assessment doesn’t have to be so taxing.

Can I claim? 



Since you first started as an Uber Partner, you’ve probably found your business is growing bigger than ever, but so too are the fees Uber charge every time they connect you with a customer. Thankfully, you can enjoy tax relief on the full cost of these charges, and it’s very simple to do. 

You can also claim the initial Uber sign up fee as a business cost on your tax return.

On GoSimpleTax

The sign up costs and other fees Uber charges can be declared with our Self Employed page on your tax return. SimpleTax’s easy-to-use self-assessment tax return tool helps you account for these costs.

Does this count for other commissions too?

Yes. Whether you sell your goods or services through an online outlet who take a cut each time you make a sale or pay any commission fees to a third party for any work  you receive, you are entitled to full tax relief on the cost of this.



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