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Each and every day, the Apple Store and Google Play release more and more sophisticated apps to help you manage just about every part of your professional and personal life. Yet when it comes to claiming apps you use for work as business expenditure on your tax return, it isn’t always abundantly clear where to start.

Try starting here then, with SimpleTax’s easy to follow guide to claiming tax relief on Google and Apple Store apps when completing your self-assessment return.

Can i claim? 

Yes, but please see conditions below.


The key here is to determine how much you use apps you’ve purchased for work, and how much for your own personal use.

If you make a business investment in apps from Apple Store, Google Play or anywhere else, and use these only for business purposes, then you can claim the entire amount as a business expense.

Using that brand new app primarily for work but can’t resist taking advantage of its features for private use too? That’s OK, but you’ll need to calculate exactly what percentage of the total use is for your business, and only declare that amount.

On SimpleTax

That’s why we do everything we can to keep things simple for you. To claim your purchased apps as a business expense, head to your self-employed expenses and group them under "Computer and Office Equipment - Software".

Does this apply to more traditional software too?

Yes. Whether you download software from a publisher’s website, purchase it on a CD-Rom from a store or pay for it in any other way, you are entitled to claim tax relief on that purchase, but only for the percentage that is used exclusively for business use.

Doing your own self-assessment tax return without SimpleTax’s fast and free service, it may not seem immediately clear how to class your apps.



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