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Can I claim?



For your tax purposes, hosting fees fall into two categories… 

  • Hosting services for your own business
  • Services that you provide for your client(s) 

If your client pays you for hosting, then this is not deductible - this is because the client covers costs when they pay you for the related services.

If, however, yo for the hosting of your own business website then these are deductible and should be taken note of.

On SimpleTax

Web server hosting, and it’s associated fees such as domain registration, would technically be named as "Advertising" and can be entered in the "Website" category at SimpleTax.


More Information 

Essentially as long as the  website you are operating is for your business, then you are able to claim back the tax for its creation and maintenance - it isn’t just hosting and domain registration either, as their are many other considerations to be taken into account. 

There are other low cost alternatives, to further help reduce your costs, and these include setting up your own web server. This can be achieved using low cost hardware, such as Raspberry Pi, and free software.

There are still costs involved, such as broadband and domain name registration, but these can also have their tax claimed against.

Many businesses opt to hire a professional web designer, to make sure that the website looks as good as it can and is easily navigable. Sometimes logo design can be done by the same design company, other times a specialist is required.

Marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation), content creation and syndication, social media integration and management… The possible list of expenses goes far beyond just the hosting. 

There are specialist teams, and talented individuals, that can be hired for these purposes, and they can all be deducted.



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