What Are The UK Tax Year Dates And Filing Deadlines?

  • The tax year runs from the 6th April - 5th April. Your accounts need to be calculated according to these dates.
  • You can start submitting your tax return on the first day of the next tax year 6th April.
  • 31 October is the deadline for paper filing of tax returns 
  • 30 December If you are also employed, you can choose to pay any tax due through your PAYE code, instead of making a big payment on 31 January, but only if you submit your tax return before 30 December.
  • 31 January is the deadline for online self-assessment filing. It is also the deadline for paying any income tax due, Class  4NIC and your first payment on account for next year. 
  • 31 July is when your second payment on account becomes due.


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