Using SimpleTax - An Overview

To show the quick guide to help you get started, follow the steps below:

  • click HELP at the top right of the Main screen








Here's an overview of how the system is used.


A Page is needed for each type of income or trade

  • Click +New Page, select the page that matches the income to be added.  More pages can be added as necessary



To record your Income and Expenses.

  • Use the + boxes on the right-hand side to add additional detail lines
  • Use the + boxes to break-down Income and Expenses for each page




  • Click Check for Errors




  • Enter your HMRC credentials
  • Enter your payment details
  • The system submits your return

An FBI (File By Internet) receipt number is displayed to confirm HMRC has your self-assessment return.  A PDF copy of the return can be saved along with a copy of the SA302 tax calculation.




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The friendly way to do your taxes online.

SimpleTax automatically tells you what expenses you should be claiming, what you should watch out for and ways to lower your tax bill.

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