Which HMRC Forms Are Supported? - The Detail

SimpleTax supports all SA100 forms.

  • Click +New Page for each type of trade or other income class you receive during the year.


The available pages are:

  1. Self Employment (SA103)
  2. Employment (SA102)
  3. Ministers of Religion (SA102M)
  4. Partnership Income (SA104)
    • P60
    • P45
    • P11D
    • P9D
    • tips
    • CIS 
  1. Property (SA105)
    • Income from Lease Premiums
    • Reverse Premiums Received
    • Rental Income Received
    • Property leasing or licensing
    • Ground Rent Income Received
    • Grant of sporting rights
    • Dumping Water Income
    • Film set usage Income
    • Caravan/Houseboat usage Income
    • Way leaves
    • Local Authority Grant Cost of Repairs
    • Loss of rent insurance payment
    • Other Income
  2. Investments, Interest & Dividends (SA100)
  3. Pensions & Benefits (SA100)
    • State Pension
    • State Pension Lump Sum
    • Employer Pension Scheme
    • Retirement Annuities
    • Personal Pensions
    • Other Pensions
    • Taxable Incapacity Benefit
    • Contribution Based Employment and Support Allowances
    • Jobseekers Allowance
    • Other Taxable State Pensions or Benefits
    • High Income Child Benefit Charge
  4. Personal Expense (Charity)
  5. Rent-a-Room (SA105)
    • Rent
    • Meals
    • Goals
    • Cleaning
    • Laundry
    • Other Services
  6. Furnished Holiday Let (SA105)
    • Rental income Received
    • Food, Drink and other Catering
    • Cleaning Service
    • Other Income
    • Loss of rent Insurance Payment


10. Foreign (SA106)

11. Trusts (SA107) 

12. Capital Gains (SA108)

13. Residency (SA109)




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