Using SimpleTax - A Complete Guide

  1. Create an account with SimpleTax by entering your details and creating a password on the signup page:


  1. Select from the list the income you receive, for this instance we have used Ministers of Religion:


  1. A quick tour will show you the main features of creating your return:



  1. Choose the appropriate category and then enter the values on the appropriate lines, you will need your P60 and P11d to hand.



  1. To enter details of your service benefit cap, expenses or pension contributions choose the orange add button to create categories:

  1. By clicking add on each category you can then enter the details:


  1. Before submission update your personal details:

  1. The mandatory fields you need to enter are your date of birth and UTR:


 9. Then check for any errors, this runs a pre-submission validation:



  1. If there are no errors you can proceed to file, if there are validation errors the system will highlight these in red:


  1. Answer a few final questions before submitting your return:


  1. You will then be asked to make payment for the service using your debit or credit card.


  1. We need to validate your ID by sending you a code via text:


  1. Enter the code and submit your return:


  1. We will then confirm your submission:



The friendly way to do your taxes online.

SimpleTax automatically tells you what expenses you should be claiming, what you should watch out for and ways to lower your tax bill.

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